WhatsApp In 2024: Upcoming 4 Features You Should Know About


WhatsApp, owned and developed by Meta (formerly Facebook), continues to develop and add features designed to improve the user experience. In 2023, Meta released many highly requested features like being able to edit sent messages, send HD photos and videos, share screens from mobile apps with screens sharing enabled, as well as adding up to 32 members to group video calls using WhatsApp for Mac. Looking ahead, four upcoming features; let’s examine these in more depth!

Share Music Audio during a Video Call


WhatsApp is currently experimenting with a feature that will allow users to share music audio during video calls using screen sharing, improving media collaboration. WAbetaInfo first noticed this feature on iOS; soon thereafter it was introduced on Android with WhatsApp’s beta update.

WABetaInfo recently reported that WhatsApp is working on adding the feature of sharing music audio during video calls in its next update of the app, with hopes to enhance user experience and make video calls more interactive and enjoyable for its users. With this new functionality built right into App itself, users no longer need to rely on third-party applications or methods in order to share music during calls – this functionality will now come directly from WhatsApp itself!

Share Instagram Updates via Status Updates

Meta apps such as Instagram and Facebook already enable cross-platform posting and sharing; for instance, you can simultaneously post the same Reel on Instagram and Facebook simultaneously or share Thread posts to Instagram Stories in one tap. WhatsApp currently falls outside this ecosystem for cross-platform sharing but that could soon change according to research conducted by WAbetaInfo, an established source that tracks Whats App updates and features in beta testing.

WAbetaInfo suggests that Meta could soon allow WhatsApp users to post status updates directly onto their Instagram stories with one tap, enabling cross-posting content across platforms easily and seamlessly. This feature is currently in beta testing and expected to become widely available soon – providing more convenience and flexibility for those aiming to reach wider audiences with their updates

WhatsApp Usernames Will Soon Be Available

At this point in social media history, every major platform offers users their own username. Telegram was among the first social networks to introduce this feature for each account holder; Meta is now testing it on both its mobile app and web client of WhatsApp. At present, to connect with someone on WhatsApp you must share your phone number – however the introduction of usernames could change this dynamic significantly.

WAbetaInfo recently reported that users will soon be able to customize their profiles and quickly connect with others using unique identifiers, also known as usernames, on WhatsApp. This feature will make it easier for them to locate friends, family, and contacts on the platform – this development was initially noticed on Android but has recently made its way onto web client as well. Introducing usernames will provide users with greater privacy options as well as more control over their personal information.

End Free Google Storage in 2024


Now, you may be confused as to the significance of Whats App and Google, so let me provide some clarity without getting bogged down in technical jargon. Our favorite chat app, Whats App has been using Google Drive as its default storage location without incurring fees for our backup chat backups; but come 2024, that is set to end.

Starting now, WhatsApp is tightening their belts, forcing those wanting to store backups on Google Drive to pay up. In other words, WhatsApp seems to be saying: ‘Thanks for all the good times – now it’s payback time!”

Why the change, you ask? Well, it all boils down to business: Google no longer gives away free storage with abandon and WhatsApp needs funds for operations; thus they have passed along this burden (in gigabytes) directly onto us users. But don’t fret too much over it; think of it as an investment to preserve all those hilarious group chat moments and heartwarming conversations, like buying tickets on an “odd train”.

No need to mourn this news: change is part of digital evolution and WhatsApp has always adapted accordingly. Instead, I encourage us all to embrace this next chapter by decluttering old cat memes and old school GIFs to make room for future developments.

Importantly, all these features are currently undergoing beta testing. Although beta features often make their way to stable releases of apps, changes or cancellations could still happen at any point during development; but given their popularity and benefits they are likely to make the cut in final releases.


WhatsApp users can expect some exciting features in 2024, such as the ability to post status updates directly onto Instagram, share music audio during video calls and usernames – features which should enhance the overall user experience and expand functionality further. With Meta investing more heavily into developing WhatsApp over time, users should expect even more innovative features and improvements! Stay tuned for updates as you experience its ever-evolving capabilities!

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